Snake Dance™ confronts our collective fear and repression of the feminine.

Apprenticing the Archetype™ accesses sacred archetypes from around the world, illuminating the Buddha or Buffalo Woman within.

Sacred Bloods™ presents Wisdom-Woman Teachings and Ceremonies to celebrate our life passages!

Everywoman Ceremonies™ addresses our personal and collective wounds.

Spirit Retrieval™, the technique of Recapitulation challenges our selective memory and paves the way for Trauma Recovery Work.

Donna's experience as a Montessory teacher, artist and writer is evident in her passion for creating Beauty through storytelling, lecture and Ceremonial Gathering.

"In a world of 24/7, we are encouraged to forego quality for quantity... the details that create Beauty are often the first to go...."

Donna's years as a corporate-pilot, and small-business owner, exposed her to the challenges of the so-called glass ceiling.

"Women must prove themselves in ways that are never asked of men... our Gatherings provide an opportunity to address these challenges."